Apr 1, 2023

I've delayed this for too long

I've thought about starting a journal/blog around 2 years ago. But never had the motivation to really push myself to maintain and write content for an long amount of time. So with the start of the this version of my personal website, I'm finally thinking to create a journal.

I used to think that none of the topics I came up with were worth writing about, maybe because I was too afraid to share my thoughts on the internet. I know this isn't the way anyone should feeling as the internet is basically a void where you CAN basically throw your thoughts out and see if anything resonates with anyone.

I will be sharing things I create, thoughts I come across and experiments test out on this website. A small digital island of personal thoughts and creations of mine. I feel like this website will be a nice record of the thoughts and ideas on my mind I can look back on later.